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#14 Weaver Back This Weekend

#14 Weaver Back

#14 Weaver Back This Weekend. Hexagon Telford Tigers can confirm that #14 Jonathan Weaver is returning to the Tigers 1 lineup this weekend for both games.

We can also confirm why Jonathan has been missing since the beginning of the 2022/23 season.

Head Coach and General Manager Tom Watkins said “I’m delighted to see Weaves back on the ice with us this weekend, he has been instrumental to the clubs success over the last 7 seasons. We all know what a quality player he is and what he brings to the team on and off the ice. I can also now confirm why Jonathan has been unavailable to play to date. Prior to the season start he was offered a job with the Fire Service, a great opportunity for himself and his family, something he had to take to secure his future. Personally I’m delighted for Weaves to begin his career away from the sport of ice hockey. He’s given all his adult life to the game and played professionally throughout that time. He’s the wrong side of 40 and despite his obvious ability, talent and desire it is right that myself and Mike, and as a club we supported Jonathan with his transition into a very rewarding career on the understanding that he will be available to play for The club when his shift patterns allow. This information was kept private as Jonathan wished and went through his training program. He has now began full time work with the Leicestershire Fire Service.”

Asked about his return, Jonathan said “I am really pleased to be returning to the team, obviously I had to take the Fire Service opportunity and Tom, Mike and the club have been fantastic in supporting me during my training. I still enjoy playing and when you have a coach like Tom , it is an easy decision to come back to play for Telford.”

#14 Jonathan Weaver during Fire Service Training

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