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#33 Charity Mask

#33 Charity Mask

#33 Charity Mask. Hexagon Telford Tigers #33 Jordan Lawday will be donating to charities for every goal the team concedes and every save he makes this season.

During the season, Jordan will donate 40p for every goal conceded and 20p for every same made. All donations will be divided equally between seven charities.

Jordan has chosen the following charities, all of which are very close to his heart:

Shelter –
The Salvation Army –
George and the Giant Pledge –
The Scott Matzka Foundation –
Four Paws –
The Cinnamon Trust –
Floris friends rescue –

So far Jordan has dressed for all 20 Tigers league and games and has started between the pipes for 7:

You can keep track of the donations at Jordan’s Just Giving page

If any Hexagon Telford Tigers fans would like to donate, that would be amazing, but we all appreciate that these are extremely tough times at the minute so please don’t feel like you have to.

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