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Chairman’s Statement: Telford Tigers Streaming Series

Telford Tigers has been in my blood and that of my family for the last decade and more.

Our achievements pre pandemic in my opinion, topped any year preceding. The team was the greatest on record and our fans, sponsors and volunteers simply the best. I took over as Chairman with a strategy for the future, and we were delivering that to Telford.

Enter a pandemic which has wreaked havoc on the globe. Yes it has been really tough for everyone, for a variety of reasons, and it continues to remain so. The very price of life has been sharply brought into focus.

I don’t underestimate the impact on all our lives and I wish anyone associated with our Hockey family and beyond safety and good health – please just remember “have courage and be kind”.

In the background we have continued working hard to try and salvage some element of the great legacy that we all share as Tigers. All that good work is now showing some green shoots of recovery and we will be running the Spring Cup series that you have all heard about. It’s the culmination of weeks of hard work and sheer determination to get Tigers back on the ice.

OK – so it’s only a 6-week series, with 12 games and its being played behind closed doors – but this represents a massive leap forward. We have gone from nothing and no hope whatsoever of any Ice Hockey this year to an opportunity to play some competitive Ice Hockey and share it with our fans and beyond.

There will be much more information coming out over the next few days, not least (and keep your eyes peeled!) our roster. Trust me, this one is going to be a treat so don’t miss the announcement?

We start again, and we will move on and rebuild much of what we have lost. A big shout out to everyone out there who supports Tigers in whatever way – you are very special people.

In closing don’t worry, even though it’s all behind closed doors, thanks to the hard work of all involved, Telford Tigers will be running its very own streaming service to ensure that you don’t miss one minute of the fantastic experience. 

Keep close to our social media and website so that you get the news as it unfolds!

As ever very best wishes, and I will see you all again soon.

Mike Washburn
Telford Tigers Chairman