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Hexagon Telford Tigers 2 – Season Ticket Accesss

Tigers 2 Season Ticket Access 800w

There have been a number of comments and question across the various Hexagon Telford Tigers social media platforms, both official and un-official about the cost to attend Sundays Hexagon Telford Tigers 2 vs Coventry Blaze NIHL friendly game for 2018/19 season ticket holders.

To clarify, friendly games are not included in the cost of 2018/19 season tickets but due to the removal of the D1 friendly fixtures and as a good will gesture to those that have purchased their 2018/19 season tickets, Hexagon Telford Tigers will honour season ticket holders entrance on Sunday at the D2 reduced “Match Night – Stub*” rates.


D2 Season Ticket Access - CostsNotes:

  • Season Tickets are non-transferable and can only be used by the named individual
  • Telford Tigers 1 Season Tickets include 27 Telford Tigers 1 home games, round robin National Cup and Autumn Trophy games plus the 18 Telford Tigers 2 home league games.
  • Telford Tigers 2 Season Tickets include 18 league home league games.

Match Night Ticket stubs from Saturdays Hexagon Telford Tigers 1 vs Nottingham Lions game will also be accepted for reduced “Match Night – Stub*” rates.

So come along, fill the rink with as much noise as possible and help the Hexagon Tigers 2 lads in their final friendly warm up before the season starts for real.

You can still register for 2018/19 season tickets, complete the online application form and reserve your seat for every league game of the season