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Hull Seahawks Announcement

Hull Seahawks Announcement. Statement from the NIHL Management Group & Hull Seahawks:

Further to IMJ Group’s announcement last week concerning a proposed Hull-based National League ice hockey team, the due diligence process with HCAL and EIHA is complete. Our working party has now dissolved and we have formed a new management company incorporating the name of the new Hull National League team.  We will be called the Hull Seahawks.

A return to the Seahawks brand seems a natural and long overdue move.  The former Humberside Seahawks carried the name with great distinction, being one of the greatest teams of the era, and it is our desire, if not our mission, to do the same.  Our decision is not just a nod to nostalgia.  We hope that this is the start of a new era for ice hockey in Hull, with fresh new colours and logo.  

We are in the process of commissioning a new website and social media sites.  Season pass application forms and sponsor packs are also being prepared.  Sponsors have already shown keen interest in our venture and we are negotiating exciting partnerships with an innovative shirt / merchandise manufacturer and coach travel company.  

In the late spring and early summer months, recruitment of our team will commence. Matty Davies, GM Sport, has already planned a very competitive team while Ian Mowforth, GM Corporate, and Joe Lamplough, GM Business (all three are partners in the new management company) have been working to develop relationships with suppliers and sponsors.

These are exciting times, which we want to share with supporters as soon as possible and we will hold a fans forum asap. For now we wish to thank the EIHA and HCAL for their support.

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