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It’s A Good News Day as Brad Returns!

It’s A Good News Day as Brad Returns! Telford Tigers are delighted to announce the return of net minder Brad Day for the 2023/24 season and also for the 2024/25 season. Day will return for his fourth year with the Tigers and has signed a contract for the next two years! Brad will continue to wear his trademark number 30 shirt. Brad has won two national league titles and a national cup in his time at the club and remains one of the top net minders in the league.

We spoke to Brad about his return for the next two years:

This is your fourth year with Telford Tigers. What made you return and sign a two year contract?

“Since I have arrived in Telford I have had nothing but good things to say about the club. The success we have had and the way all the players are treated on and off the ice is second to none, so as soon as Tom spoke to me it was an easy decision to agree to come back. It’s also good to know that I am here for at least the next two years.”

How do you see next season going?

“I think next season will be a much more competitive season from our side and hopefully we can get back to being competitive in all competitions. Last year was disappointing for many reasons but we must focus on the season ahead and get back to competing for the trophies.”

Having won the league twice and the National League Cup in your time at Telford, do you see more honours in the future?

“Yes of course, this club over the past three seasons has been the most successful club in the league, so the culture around the room is a winning one and I think that will continue to happen.”

You play a lot of minutes for the team. How do you maintain your fitness and concentration?

“I spent four seasons sat on the bench watching games before I came to Telford, so I am more than happy with all the minutes I have had over the last three seasons. I am very laid back as a person so keeping concentration during all the games just comes easy, it’s just another game and nothing changes, I never get too high or too low, just somewhere in the middle.”

You have a reputation for being really calm and unflappable during games. How do you maintain that calmness during the heat of a close game?

“For anyone that knows me as a person knows how laid back and chilled out I am about anything and everything. I just take it another shot at a time it’s the best way to be and just forget anything good or bad that happens during a game and focus just on the next shot or the next save.”

How do you feel about the new rule next season allowing import goalies in the National League?

“I don’t think it’s great for British hockey at all, potentially you could have the top two levels of British hockey with zero British goalies which would not be a good thing at all. However, I don’t think many teams will go with import goalies as the standard we have in the National League has been so high over the last few seasons, I don’t believe taking an import roster place with an import goalie is worth it.”

How is playing for Tom Watkins different to the other coaches you have played for?

“I find Tom a very easy coach to play for, he trusts me and my ability and is never on my back if things aren’t going great, he just leaves me to it, he is one of the best coaches I have ever had, his knowledge of the game is very similar to Paul Thompson who was my coach when I was in Sheffield.”

You are a player who I’m sure the fans will be delighted to see return and sign for two years. Do you have a message for the Tigers’ fans?

“I just want to say a big thank you for all the fantastic continued support over the last three seasons and I am looking forward to seeing you all in September. I’m sure we will have a strong roster and will give the fans plenty to cheer about so it would be great to see them turn out in even bigger numbers than last year.”

Tom Watkins, Head Coach and General Manager, commented on the signing of Brad Day, “In my mind Brad is the most complete goalie in the league and his performances over a number of seasons have shown that. He is very knowledgeable about the game, reads the in game situations well and can read the puck coming off players sticks very well. He knows a lot about the majority of shooters in the league and their preferences. He plays a lot of minutes each season and excels on that responsibility. This will be his fourth season with us and I’m delighted to get him tied down for the next two seasons. He is 28 now and I’m sure he has his best years still ahead of him.”

Brad’s own and loan shirts are available to order now for £150 each (Home and Away). Please see the Tigers’ Online Shop for details.

In the 2023/24 season, Tigers are again offering individual player sponsorship at £500. The package will include a personalised ‘SPECIAL’ exclusive third jersey with a company name or family name patch, announcements on match nights, a small advert or logo in the match night programmes and a signed player photo.  The jersey will be worn for cup games and play-off games and will not be available as a replica.

If you are interested or require more information on the individual player sponsorships, contact

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