Telford Tigers – Retired Shirts

#9 Claude Dumas (F)

Drafted by Washington Capitals- round 5 #103 overall 1985 NHL Entry Draft.

Claude Dumas, from Quebec, was signed from Cardiff in 1995, and instantly became a popular figure with more than 230 points in his first season at Telford Tigers. He was seen by many a catalyst for the Tigers in the late 90’s.

He was an all star in 1996, 1997, 1998 and 1999 and was named player of the year in 1997-98.

1995-1996Telford TigersBD1521508523528  
 1996-1997Telford TigersEPIHL561025515738Playoffs811819
 1997-1998Telford TigersBNL41664911520Playoffs916173312 
 1998-1999Telford TigersBNL3233467914Playoffs6791612 
 2003-2004Telford WildfoxesEPIHL7124160Playoffs6639
 2004-2005Telford WildfoxesEPIHL3236306632Playoffs653814 
 2005-2006Telford TigersEPIHL4846438960  
 2006-2007Telford TigersEPIHL3731195084  
 2007-2008Telford TigersEPIHL3934245856  
 2008-2009Telford TigersEPIHL5218234126
Average2.30Points per game

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#19 Daniel MacKriel (F)

Long-serving Daniel Mackriel went out on a high at Telford Tigers after announcing his initial ice hockey retirement in 2011.

Mackriel progressed through the Telford junior ranks and had played for 30 years since starting aged seven and finally retiring in 2016/17.

Coach Tom Watkins described Mackriel: “He’s a great character and a great player – he’s a huge loss.”

Always a fans’ favourite, Mackriel picked up the nickname ‘Budzy’ following his goal scoring exploits as a junior, emulating those of former Tigers import Mark Budz.

 1995-96Telford TigersBD180002
 1996-97Telford TigersEPIHL72020
 1997-98Telford TigersBNL20000
 2002-03Telford WildfoxesEPIHL3943256834
 2003-04Telford WildfoxesEPIHL28.00192847126Playoffs525712
 2004-05Telford WildfoxesEPIHL292022426Playoffs61454
 2006-07Telford TigersEPIHL251472180
 2007-08Telford TigersEPIHL3311182979
 2008-09Telford TigersEPIHL5014274151
 2010-11Telford Tigers  EPIHL5112193144
 2016-17Telford Tigers NIHLNIHL23481256
Average1.00Points per game

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