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Telford Tigers Announce New Coaching Structure – #OneClubTwoTeams

Telford Tigers are excited to announce a significant change to the club’s coaching structure as we progress into the new season. General Manager Tom Watkins will continue in the role of Telford Tigers Head Coach, bringing his extensive experience and real-world vision to the forefront of our coaching efforts. Tom’s credentials and experience are unparalleled in the sport of ice hockey, and in the coming season he will be guiding the strategy and direction for both Telford Tigers 1 and Telford Tigers 2.

Clearly, to deliver such a challenging on ice agenda, however,requires support of the highest order. The club are therefore, very pleased to announce that moving forwards Tom will be supported by a face that is well known to not only Telford Tigers fans, but to many across the UK professional ice hockey community.

Jason Silverthorn will be joining the Senior Leadership Team of Telford Tigers as Assistant Coach to Tom Watkins, with direct responsibility, under the wise guidance of Tom, for both Telford Tigers 1 and Telford Tigers 2. Jason will be spending time on the full range of coaching operations, and this will see him allocating his time to both team’s benches during game day, and also leading the Telford Tigers 2 practice sessions and their strategy development.

This dynamic coaching duo are set to lead the club with a fresh perspective on coaching and player development, aiming to elevate the teams’ performance to new heights, while at the same time ensuring that both the clubs current and future player aspirations are planned for and ultimately delivered. Our continuing support of our on-ice product is the key to success of our future growth.

The new coaching structure reinforces the club’s ethos and brand of “one club, two teams,” emphasising unity and collaboration across all player levels within our club. By aligning the coaching staff’s efforts and philosophies, we aim to create a cohesive environment that benefits all players and fosters overall club success. In future months we will also be seeking to expand the reach of the club.

Tom Watkins commented on the new coaching structure, saying, 

“I’m delighted to secure Jason as part of my coaching staff for the new season as an assistant and also in a wider coaching role that sees him lead on ice sessions with the D2 team and support the further development of that group.  We all know his qualities as a player and the leadership he has provided to the team on the ice in his playing career, so to secure that knowledge, that understanding and the level of enthusiasm he has for the game is a huge signing for us. He is a great communicator, very well respected by the players and has a very keen eye on the details of the game that make such a difference. He is a hockey encyclopedia,whohas plenty that he can pass on to our group and gives us a different perspective on a nightly basis.

I anticipate this being the most important addition and signing we make all summer ! “

Jason Silverthorn shared his excitement for joining the club coaching team saying,

“I am really excited about this new opportunity and to be staying involved with Telford Tigers as the Club Assistant Coach! Tommy and I have a really great relationship and share a passion for the game and together I know that we can continue to grow the Telford Tigers on ice product, including the development of both the Tigers 1 and Tigers 2 teams as well as the juniors, to continue the winning culture the club has created over the last 10 years. I hope to be able to pass on some of the details and information that I was fortunate to get from some great coaches and mentors of the past to the players of both senior clubs as well as getting involved more with the juniors development. Bring on the 24/25 season!” 

Mike Washburn, Chairman of Telford Tigers, also expressed his enthusiasm for the future, stating, 

“Both Tom and I have delivered the first 5 years of our strategic vision and the promises that we made to our fans many years ago. This year must be a breakout year for us. We are not the biggest club in terms of venue, financial resources, or demographics – but we constantly punch well above our weight in terms of performance and results. It’stime for a quantum leap forward in our player development and coaching pedigree – for me, you cannot improve on a Watkins and Silverthorn combination and we here in Telford are lucky to have secured that. Bring on the new season.”

Telford Tigers are looking forward to an exciting forthcoming season filled with new opportunities and challenges. The world of sport is dynamic and changes all the time and we have to be flexible but structured enough to be able to deal with that. 

The club are committed to providing players with the best possible coaching and development environment, and we believe this high quality, unparalleled coaching structure will play a crucial role in our continued success.


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