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Telford Tigers To Benefit From True Protection

Tigers New True Helmets 800w

Hexagon Telford Tigers To  Benefit From True Protection. This weekend the Hexagon Telford Tigers 1 take to the ice with enhanced protection as they become the first professional team in Europe to fully wear the brand new Dynamic 9 Pro ice hockey helmet, as engineered by leading equipment manufacturer True Hockey.

The Dynamic 9 Pro is the first true one-piece lightweight helmet on the market and incorporates the patented Mips brain protection system.

The Mips multi-directional impact protection system is found inside the helmet itself, between the comfort padding and the high energy reducing EPS foam, and can help to reduce the harmful forces and rotational movements transmitted to the brain as part of an impact to the head.

With ice hockey being such a physical sport, collisions between players are part and parcel of the game, however, the Tigers have fallen foul of contact to players heads on many occasions with a number of the squad missing large parts of the seasons due to concussion style injuries.

By using this revolutionary new head protection system it is hoped that the risk of brain injuries and concussion will reduce, allowing the team to concentrate on their matches and league position.

Tigers Equipment Manager, Andy Phillips, said “When we were approached by True Hockey in the summer about becoming one of their official pro teams in Europe it was a great opportunity for the organisation. When we started to receive information on the helmet system they wanted to provide us with, for me, that was one of the main benefits of the partnership, to have the opportunity to upgrade head protection for all of our players”

“Over the last few years, not a season has gone by where we have not had a couple of guys on the sidelines with concussion injuries, so as a responsible team anything we can do to help minimise this type of injury is a must”

The new True helmet incorporates a low friction internal layer that can be customised with their Fitpad system, allowing a 5% increase or decrease in helmet size and a unique personalised fit for every player. True Hockey, however, went one better and created a custom helmet in Tigers team colours to compliment and match the playing strips.

Andy went on to say “…we are very grateful for all the help True Hockey have given us this season, and the custom ORANGE team helmets they have created for us really are the icing on top of a fantastic partnership”

The distinctive new orange helmets will be debuted in Telford Ice Rink at this weekend’s home doubleheader when the Tigers take on the travelling Bracknell Bees on Saturday night, face-off 7:00 pm, before welcoming the Swindon Wildcats to town on Sunday, face-off 6:00 pm. Match Night tickets available to purchase here!

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