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Thank You Tigers Fans

As the 2022/23 season draws to a close, Telford Tigers would like to take the opportunity to thank fans for their incredible support over the season.

It has been an amazing season for Telford Tigers, full of heart-pounded experiences, unforgettable memories, and new acquaintances between fans that have turned into friendships.

The bright smiles on your faces as that goal light went off, and your kind words of support when we found ourselves in a rut have been our biggest reward. We have been fortunate to see the stands of Telford Ice Rink fill with joy and hear the sound of the drums echo around the rink for not just one game every week, but almost two games a week.

The home games are just half the story… The collective number of miles travelled by our fans this season is huge. A special mention goes to the ‘travelling-six’ who have travelled almost 9000 miles this season supporting the National team on the road. Our small but mighty fans following our Telford Tigers 2 side also haven’t gone unnoticed with late-night midweek games and cold Yorkshire rinks they still weren’t put off travelling over 2000 miles on the road.

For our National Team, it was a tough season, but we had some great wins, our game play improved dramatically and we started to churn out some impressive results. As for our Laidler side, we sure are proud of them after they narrowly missed out on retaining a league title, to clinching not one but two pieces of silverware in the final two weeks of the season.

Club General Manager and Head Coach Tom Watkins commented on the support the club has received this season.

“Every season is different and by the end of year the grind takes its toll both physically and mentally on the players the coaches. I’m pleased with the progression and steady improvements we made as a team culminating in qualifying for the post season and then knocking out the second seed to qualify for the final four.

Two nights stick out I think for myself and the players. The last league home game of the season and then the home playoff leg against the Lightning… I’ve been here a very long time, enjoyed some great success some fine moments but I think the two games I’ve mentioned were something else in terms of atmosphere and raw emotion in the stands. The noise was very loud the atmosphere very intense, the commitment and passion from

The fans were something different from what I think we’ve experienced before. Of course a big thank you to everyone that has got behind the club and supported the players the teams this last season.”

As we wrap everything up, we would like to thank each and every one of you for turning up game after game, being the sixth man on the ice, supporting us to do what we love. Whether you are a Telford Tigers veteran attending every game, or supporting us on a single occasion, we thank you all.

We will soon be announcing details for the 2023/24 season including season tickets, sponsorship packages and player announcements.

It’s a special time to a be a Tigers fan, and the next chapter of the journey promises to be just as exciting for all in orange and black.

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