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The Price is Right as Jake Returns!

Telford Tigers are pleased to announce the return of defenseman Jake Price for the 2023/24 season. Jake, returns for his third season with the club and will continue to wear the number 8 shirt. Jake was an ever present in last years’ team and contributed 17 points.

We spoke to Jake about his return to the team:

Welcome back, what was the reasoning behind signing for Telford again?

“I just believe we have a good core group of guys that know how to win and how to get the job done, and with it being the first place I played when I came back too England two seasons ago, I feel comfortable and consider it a big part of me now.”

This will be your third year at the club. Do you feel settled now?

“Oh most definitely, I enjoy playing in Telford and everything that comes with it. It’s a great place to play and the players get treated really well at the club. The fans have been great to me since I joined.”

Last year saw some highs and lows. What was your personal highlight? And the low point?

“I’d say the high point for me was beating Milton Keynes in the playoffs to go to Coventry. Just with all the hard work everyone put in that last month and seeing it pay off was special, and the low point was definitely that long stretch of games we lost in a row. That was tough to take.”

How tough was it to play when the team were in that long run of games without a win?

“Obviously it was tough going that long without a win, it’s never easy when you lose a few games in a row, but the group we had, battled through it and found our game eventually. We never gave up even though everything seemed to be against us.”

How did it affect your confidence?

“It didn’t really affect it much, every game is a new challenge and you just have to take it one game at a time and not hold onto the losses for too long. Move on to the next game and try to win that one.”

You’re known more for your defensive efforts, are you looking to improve your offensive contribution next season?

“Most definitely, the last month or so in the season I felt like I started to get there as my game progressed, as it just comes with the experience. I hope to get on the scoresheet more next season but not at the expense of my defensive work which is my main job.”

What are your hopes and ambitions for next season?

“I definitely would like too see us back in the top four in the league and also make a run in the cup, and hopefully win the Playoffs in Coventry. We know we underperformed last season so we will be trying hard to improve in all competitions.”

What’s it like being on the same team as your brother (Lucas)?

“Ha ha! It has its pros and cons as he has yet to get his driving license, but definitely it’s a privilege to play alongside him and see him progress and further his game. Hopefully we can play in the same team for years to come.”

You were paired with Danny Rose last season and seemed to work well together. How did that work for you? What’s Danny like to play on the same line as?

It’s just one of those things where you just click and know how each other play and it was nice seeing us play well and be efficient for the team, and it’s nice knowing you’ve got someone to rely on next to you. Being paired with the same player helps you build up a relationship on the ice and makes it better for the team defensively. 

Any message for the fans for next season?

“Just to be excited for this upcoming season, and keep being loud and proud during games. The support at the end of last season was terrific and it really helps the team on the ice.”

Head Coach Tom Watkins commented on Price’s return, “I’m very pleased to bring Jake back again for his third season here. He got better as the season went on and formed a reliable D pairing with Danny Rose. He brings that physicality, the grit and like his brother (Lucas) has that in your face style, the ability to get under the skin of the opposition players. Jake is another player I expect more from next season, we will be looking for him to play against the league’s top offensive players which I’m more than confident he can do if he plays with a solid defensive mindset, out battling, out competing the opposition, moving the puck quickly up ice and then supporting the play. When Jake plays that way he is a real asset to the team.”

Jake’s own and loan shirts are available to order now for £150 each (Home and Away). Please see the Tigers’ Online Shop for details.

In the 2023/24 season, Tigers are again offering individual player sponsorship at £500. The package will include a personalised ‘SPECIAL’ exclusive third jersey with a company name or family name patch, announcements on match nights, a small advert or logo in the match night programmes and a signed player photo.  The jersey will be worn for cup games and play-off games and will not be available as a replica.

If you are interested or require more information on the individual player sponsorships, contact

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