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Why would you sponsor Telford Tigers?

Or maybe the title should read, Why would you NOT sponsor Telford Tigers?

Sponsoring a sports team can come with many benefits to companies of all sizes, and here at the Telford Tigers, we are certain we can help drive your products, services and brand forward with exposure to a very large and loyal audience.

Over a couple of years, the club has seen its statistics improve massively on social media, our website, and in the stands making us the perfect team to help promote your brand to the masses.

Oh, and let’s not forget we have won the league three times in the last five years and the cup twice in the same period. Being associated with a winning team is an excellent way to move your products, services, brand and company forward.

Between June 2019 and May 2021, we had 2.376 million impressions (times people saw a tweet) on Twitter.  

A year on year increase, and the breakdown is:

  • 114,650 per month
  • 26,458 per week
  • 3,769 per day

We have over 3000 followers on Twitter, but the reach we get through posting during the week and live in-game tweets has seen the numbers soar to far greater audiences. 

On Facebook, our reach again is huge. Between June 2019 and May 2021 was 412,000, which breaks down as:

  • 16,000 per month
  • 3,692 per week
  • 526 per day

Our website is probably where we also see large amounts of traffic, showcasing your brand to different sets of eyes. over the last year between August 2020 and July 2021, we had 246,000 unique people use the website.

We had over 852,000 page views in that same period, with 79% of our users being based in the UK.

These statistics back up our belief that we are in a fantastic position to drive your brand and enhance your reputation, bringing your name to a large number of people being associated with Telford’s most successful semi-professional sports team.

In addition to this, we worked with a number of large media outlets over the course of last season. These include Shropshire Star, ITV News Central, BBC Radio Shropshire, and Free Radio – giving us a further reach of approximately 1 million people. 

The Tigers dedicated marketing and promotions team promote around the Shropshire and West Midlands region. This is via schools, clubs, partnerships with Wallsall FC, Wolves Speedway and local businesses to encourage more fans to come to the rink and see ice hockey, and your brand. Whether this is online, advertising boards in the rink, or branding on our apparel, we know you will be noticed. No matter what your business objective is, or how you like to brand/advertise your business, we have many exciting ways of achieving this. 

Our corporate brochure is available for viewing below. As you’ll see, not only are we a very attractive option for promoting your business we can tailor this in a way to meet any budget whilst confidently delivering excellent value for money. We will be happy to customise a sponsorship package to meet your needs, just ask…….

If you would like to sponsor Telford Tigers and think it would be of interest to you and your business, please contact and we’d be delighted to listen to your requirements.

Watch out for further details about new signings at Telford Tigers, visit: or catch up on Facebook or Twitter.