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Locked Down with Telford Tigers

Activity Pack

We’ve lost count of how many days we’ve been at home locked down… We really do hope that everyone is keeping safe and well.

The Telford Tigers team are still working hard behind the scenes, pulling together lots of exciting things to keep everyone entertained.

It is a difficult time for all of us during this time, especially our kids. They’re stuck at home with no school, no interaction with friends and find themselves stuck in the house for most of the day. We’ve put together a stay at home activity pack which hopefully is a perfect ‘pick me up’ for all the young Tigers fans!

They are no longer at school, no longer able to socialise with their friends and are stuck in the house for most of the day. The lockdown activity pack is the perfect boredom buster and the perfect pick me up.

In the pack you’ll find:

  • Colouring sheets
  • Wordsearch
  • Design your own jersey
  • Write a letter to a Tiger
  • Tiger Origami (We have a tutorial video for this!)

And… a Coronavirus time capsule!

We’re all living in a very strange time at the moment, perhaps the first and last time we’ll ever witness something like this… we’ve experienced a piece of history!

The Coronavirus time capsule is a fun way for children to create a memento of this extraordinary time! Time capsules should be buried away so that someone can find it in many years time.

If you’re feeling creative and you fancy a go at making your own origami Tiger, we have a tutorial video on how to make one which you can follow alongside the instructions in the activity pack!

We want to see everyone’s activity pack efforts! Send us your photos on our Facebook or Twitter.