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Miller set to retire

joe miller 800w

Joe Miller will be playing his last game for the Telford Tigers this Saturday, 30th December, against the Solway Sharks at the Telford Ice Rink, as he pursues a new role away from the sport.

Joe has been working towards a career away from Ice Hockey for a number of years, he recently completed his degree and has now secured a new job in the insurance industry.

Head Coach Tom Watkins commented “It’s a massive loss for us as a team and a club to lose Joe part way through the season, but fully understand and support his decision to be able to focus his time and effort on his long term career. He has worked extremely hard over the last few years on his degree and he has a great opportunity in his chosen profession which is where he must focus his attention. Joe has kept me up to speed during the situation for which I am grateful.”

Joe has posted some impressive numbers so far this season, with 23 Goals and 26 Assists from the 28 games he has played in.

Tom continued “Joe is a fun guy to have around the locker room, has good sense of humour and brings a lot of experience and leadership to our team. On the ice he will be very difficult to replace, he plays in all key situations, logs a lot of ice time and is capable of changing a game on his own. We all would like to wish Joe and Jamie, his wife, the very best for the future.  We hope to see him back at the rink, even as a spectator.”

Joe said, “Obviously it has been a very difficult decision to make, especially part way through a season.  I love playing hockey, but I need to look to the future for me and my family. I have really enjoyed my time with the Tigers, playing here on a number of occasions throughout my career and not playing hockey will leave a big gap.”

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Tom finished by saying “I have been looking for a replacement for Joe for some time and made some offers to several British players but with no success to date. We’ll be doing all we can to sign a replacement ASAP.”