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Tigers 2 fail to tame the Wild

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Tigers 2 took the road on Sunday to try and the tame the Widnes Wild.

The game started well for Tigers with #39 Charlie Hammerton scoring the first goal in under 30 seconds.

Widnes equalised at 5.37 even though tigers #18 Joshua Hustwick was down on the ice clearly injured. This was the 2nd player to be injured in a short space of time as #2 Scott Venus also received treatment for a cut to the mouth.  Tigers continued to put pressure on the Widnes goal but to no avail and the period ended 1-1.

2nd period saw The Wild come out and score within 50 seconds and it was end to end hockey from both sides. Tigers played some good one touch hockey and with 1.08 on the clock a shot at the Widnes goalie Phil Crosby hit his helmet and stopped play for the period. The remaining time was played after the period break. Period ended 2-1 in favour of Widnes.

Following on from the 2nd period stoppage and with the remaining time being played after the break and going straight into the 3rd period Tigers pushed hard to equalise.

Unfortunately a rebound shot from Widnes found its way into the back of the net at 43.09 to make it 3-1 to the Widnes Wild.  This gave The Wild the edge and they capitalised on this as Telford pushed to get back into the game and scored a further 3 goals in 4 mins, 2 of them being rebound goals, making it 6-1.

Tigers #39 Charlie Hammerton scored again at 59.18 to make the end score 6-2 to The Wild on the final buzzer.

Tigers man of the match #30 Ted Thompson

Widnes man of the match #24 Stuart Brittle