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Telford Tigers vs Raiders IHC

On Saturday 20th February, Telford Tigers will be offering the first of six live streamed games (pay per view) as part of the NIHL Spring Cup competition. Here, we have pulled out all the important information which you need to know ahead of the stream…

Date and timings

  • The first stream will take place on Saturday 20th February
  • The stream will start at 18:00 and the game will face-off at 18:30
  • The full game will be streamed with various content pieces during period breaks
  • We will also stream the ‘virtual presentation’ for our virtual match night competitions


  • Streaming tickets are £12 per stream
  • Save yourself some money with our multi-buy package and purchase all 6 games for £60
  • All our streaming tickets can be purchased by clicking here
  • We advise that you purchase your tickets in well advance so that we can assist you with any technical queries early on


  • Each week we’ll be running a 50/50 competition as well as shirt off the back
  • Our first week’s shirt off the back competition will be for Scott McKenzie – tickets are available to buy here
  • Our 50/50 competition will also take place each week with a guaranteed winner each week – tickets are available to buy here
  • The winners of our competitions will be announced at the end of each fixture and will be available to watch as part of our live stream

Technical Tips

  • Please make sure you have purchased your ticket from an official source such as our website or our ticketing provider
  • To experience the best quality stream, please test your internet connection beforehand
  • Make sure you tune into the stream ahead of face-off, this will help us if you then experience any technical problems
  • If you do experience any technical problems, please contact our support team as early as possible so that can provide you with the relevant support – our contact channels can be found on our Spring Cup page.

Support Us

  • We’ve worked super hard behind the scenes to get hockey onto your screens and we’d love to see everyone at home enjoying it – make sure you stay in touch with us, send us your photos and use the hashtags, #SPRINGCUP2021, #Have_courage_and_be_kind
  • If there is more than one of you at home watching our live stream, any further donations would be greatly appreciated. Donations can be made to the Club on behalf of the extra viewers you have sat around your stream  Click here to make a donation.