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Hal Griffiths Steps Up To Tigers

Telford Tigers are pleased to announce the signing of Hal Griffiths for the 2023/24 season. Hal will be icing for the club’s Laidler side wearing the number 50 jersey.

The 17-year old makes the step up to the Laidler Tigers after icing for the junior side since taking up hockey. The youngster has worked his way through the ranks, starting in the U15s roster through to the U18s Mercians set up.

Last season, Hal put up an impressive 92% save rate in the U18s league and the net minder will be looking to develop his skills further as he makes his senior debut in the Laidler league.

We caught up with Hal ahead of the season starting;

This will be your first season with the Tigers organisation, what made you decide to join the club?

“As I have played for the Telford Tigers junior club during my entire time playing ice hockey I would like to stay loyal to the club and continue playing for the Telford Tigers in my upcoming career transitioning away from junior hockey.”

How have you been preparing for this new challenge during the offseason?

“I have been taking up several extra training sessions that have been run by the organisation, which has allowed me to improve in many different areas for the upcoming season. I have also been doing strength, speed and endurance training in the gym to make sure my fitness is as strong as possible.”

Do you have any personal goals or aspirations you’d like to achieve this season?

“A personal aspiration and target of mine would be to finish the season with a respectable save percentage in the games throughout the season, as well as a personal goal of seeing myself improve to a standard I am happy with by the end of the season.”

How do you plan to handle the pressure and expectations that come with being a new player in the team?

“I think I will be fine with handling the pressure as I have been placed in high pressure situations throughout my time playing ice hockey and came out strong. With the expectation of being a new player, I know my role in the team and with my teammates alongside me I’m sure I can fulfil the expectations placed on me.”

Are there any players in the team whom you hope to learn from or seek guidance during your first season?

“I will be taking notes from the other goalies in the club and try to apply some strengths they have that I may be lacking into my game to overall better myself. I will be watching ice hockey through various leagues across the sport, studying the goalies and what their strengths are, applying them to myself to make myself a stronger goalie.”

And finally, do you have a message for our fans ahead of the season?

“I look forward to the season starting and being able to play games in front of the fans that travel to watch games home and away. I also look forward to making my senior debut with the club, and having a good season individually and collectively.”

Tigers 2 coach Scott McKenzie commented on the addition of Griffiths saying;

Hal is part of the future as a young up and coming netminder. He has had a great competition between throughout his junior career battling for the number one spot. For me to have a young prospects to push Ryan Lewis for the number one spot is great.The club is fortunate to have a young goalie, and we will do our best to help him on his development