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NIHL National Owners Group Agree Key 2022/23 Season

National Owners Statement

NIHL National Owners Group Agree Key 2022/23 Season. Last week the NIHL National Owners Group met to agree on the key principles and structure of the 2022/23 NIHL National season.  We welcomed Bristol Pitbulls to the call, attending their first Owners Group meeting.

The key points agreed were:

  • The league will comprise 10 teams (following the addition of Bristol).
  • Teams will play each other 3 times home and away, with no conferences
  • The National Cup Competition will comprise the results of the first meetings of each team, home and away, with semi-finals and final to be played over two legs.
  • Teams will be allowed to play up to 2 non-British trained players (imports) on the ice at the same time. There will be no increase in the number of imports.

We look forward to completing this season which has shown the NIHL National to be incredibly competitive and closely fought.  Here’s to a thrilling Playoff series and Coventry finals weekend.  Thanks to everyone for all your support!

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