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Question Time with Tom Watkins

As the lockdown continues, many of us are asking lots of questions like ‘what day is it today?’ or ‘shall we have a BBQ tomorrow?’… Silly questions aside, we want to hear your questions for Telford Tigers General Manager and Head Coach, Tom Watkins!

Perhaps you’d like to hear about his favourite moment this season or even ask a question about his days as a player. We kindly ask that all questions are emailed in advance to, please also include your name in the email. 

All questions must be submitted before 18:00, Wednesday 29th April. Tom will then be answering your questions live on Facebook at 18:00, Friday 1st May.

If you have more than one question, please outline all these on one email though, we do ask that you limit this to five questions per email. We’ll be trying super hard to get through all your questions but please don’t be down if we don’t answer the all. 

Take a seat, grab a drink and we’ll see you all on Friday at 18:00!