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One Club Two Teams

The Telford Tigers are making the following statement after being made aware of several incidents of anti-social behaviour in Telford Ice Rink on Telford Tigers match nights. The Telford Tigers provide a family-friendly safe environment for all to be able to enjoy the sport of ice hockey including both the home and away fans. The club will take whatever steps necessary to ensure it always stays that way and will not accept any behaviours whatsoever that detract from our fan and supporter experience. The Telford Ice Rink and Telford Tigers jointly do not accept any form of antisocial or aggressive behaviour from any person. This includes, but is not limited to, abusive language, personal insults, threatening behaviour, swearing and racism whether directed toward club players, club volunteers/stewards, ice rink staff and other fans or members of the public. We would also add that this also includes personal insults, threatening behaviour and abusive or destructive posts made on any form of social media directed towards club staff, players, club volunteers/stewards and including ice rink staff or officials. Please note that any behaviour of this manner, that is contrary to the above will not be tolerated and will be dealt with accordingly.