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Replica Jerseys, Last Chance this season

Replica Shirts

The final batch order will be submitted on Wednesday 24th January 2018.  This will be the final batch this season so don’t miss out!!

There is a 25 working days (5 weeks) lead time for the manufacture and delivery of the new shirts from our supplier.

Assuming no issues, the expected delivery date will 1st March 2018

There is a minimum batch order quantity of 15 with our supplier, if we don’t reach the minimum order quantity then all monies will be refunded.

To register your order, complete the registration form either online or place your order at home games via the merchandise stand or evenings with Sliders.

Replica jersey costs:

Junior Jersey with player names & number £50
Adult Jersey with player names & number £65
Adult Cash & Carry Tyres Warm Up Jersey (No name or number) £50

There is an additional £5 surcharge to personalise with others names and numbers.