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Telford Tigers reinforce ‘One Club, Two Teams’

Tom and the team have been working really hard over recent weeks to make sure that we deliver an excellent on-ice product for all our fans and supporters. It will come as no surprise therefore to learn that our back-room team have been doing exactly the same for our off-ice product.

The forthcoming season is all about one club two teams – and the best possible experience for players, staff and fans alike! After reviewing last season’s off-ice match night and fundraising arrangements, we are excited to share with you our new club structure which will make it clearer where all our fundraising and volunteering activities actually fit in.

To facilitate this, we have structured three different volunteer leaders. The first two volunteer leaders will manage match night experiences and match night fundraising, they are as follows;

  • Jo Briggs, who will be the Match Night Coordinator for Tigers 1.
  • Katie Edwards, who will be the Match Night Coordinator for Tigers 2.

Our Match Night Coordinators are responsible for ensuring that activities during the match night run smoothly, as well as delegating roles to our volunteers. Our coordinators are your points of contact during a match night, and they will be more than happy to help you with any request you may have or listen to any feedback you wish to give.

Joanne Briggs, who has been appointed as Telford Tigers 1 Match Night and Fundraising Coordinator is looking forward to the forthcoming season stating;

“As Tigers 1 Match Night and Fundraising Coordinator, I am very much looking forward to the new season. Tom and Callum have signed two great teams so far and hopefully both teams can challenge for more silverware this season.”

On behalf of the Tigers 2 match night and fundraising team, Katie Edwards had the following to say;

“I am thoroughly looking forward to stepping into the role as Tigers 2 Match Night and Fundraising Coordinator. We have a great group of volunteers who are committed to giving up their time to help raise funds for the club whilst also providing a great match night experience for fans. It will be great to see some familiar faces again at the Tigers 2 games but also, I hope to welcome new fans to come along and support Telford Tigers.”

As a club, we appreciate your patronage as loyal fans and we hope you continue to appreciate the dedication of our volunteers who give up their time to make your match night experience possible. Sometimes this is ‘team’ rather than ‘club’ related.

In addition to our match night experiences across Tigers 1 and Tigers 2, we are committed to our credo of one club, two teams and therefore there are many occasions when it is all about the event for the Telford Tigers rather than the individual team. Accordingly, in addition to Jo and Katie who represent the Tigers 1 and Tigers 2 teams we have also set up a brand-new fundraising venture called ROAR.

This is a fundraising club specifically aimed at building funds for the club through events and will deliver a number of events across the season for all supporters alike. ROAR has a very special meaning for us which will be explained through our next social media release – but it will be an exlclusive club which we think will be very exciting for all associated with Telford Tigers.

Clearly, a club wide fundraising unit cannot exist or run without someone to lead it. So here is some great news!

Sam Middleton has agreed to lead the ROAR as Fundraising Leader for the forthcoming season and as everyone knows is an individual with indisputable credentials. It is indeed great news that Sam has agreed to take on this really important role for the club for the forthcoming season.

There will be a further detailed release about precisely what ROAR stands for and what the benefits of the fundraising club will be. But, in the meantime, Sam had this to say;

“I’m really looking forward to the new season ahead with great signings for both teams. I’m really excited with the direction the club is heading and I’m really looking forward to taking on my new role as Fundraising Leader, assisting the club and supporters to make our club the best it can be.”

All in all, big changes at Telford Tigers but all for the better. We will be contacting our wider volunteer group in due to course to share details on volunteering for the upcoming season. But for now, let’s get behind the new terms for team and club and watch out for the next instalment on ROAR!